Connectivity Verification

With SoC projects continually expanding in size and functionality, the number of connections and modes that need to be verified have increased significantly; it is no longer just checking that 2 signals are connected. Hand checking or writing directed tests to verifying that IP blocks are connected correctly or that signals are being routed correctly for the various modes the SoC is designed for is no longer feasible.

JasperGold Connectivity Verification App

Jasper provides the JasperGold® Connectivity Verification App as part of the family of JasperGold Apps to address an array of design and verification issues.  The JasperGold Connectivity Verification App formally verifies RTL connection at the block, unit, or chip level for IP integration, as part of the design specification, for physical layout, and so forth. Leveraging Jasper’s formal technologies allows checks to be done at the block level, the unit level, or even the chip level.

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