Post-Silicon Debug

Post-silicon debug is painful and slow. Observability into silicon is very limited and is expensive to achieve. Simulation and emulation is slow and is extremely tough to hit corner-case scenarios, concurrent and cycle-dependent behavior. With simulation, the hope is that the constrained-random generator will hit the input combination, which caused the failure scenario (triggered the bug). Not the least, time-to-market is a major concern when complex post-silicon bugs surface, and it takes time to find the root cause and the fix of the issue.

The Jasper Post-Silicon Debug solution

  • Accelerates root-cause isolation by quickly eliminating false areas and narrowing down the problematic area
  • Interactive analysis and debug with The Jasper VisualizeTM technology aids in quickly finding the counter-example (failure of a property) and modifying the traces to confirm/rule-out suspects
  • Mathematically finds the failure scenario starting from extracted failure trace
  • Rapidly isolates and fixes the bug by searching deep into the state-space in areas where simulation cannot reach
  • Validates the fix using Jasper’s powerful proof engines to ensure that no new bugs are introduced


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