RTL Development

There is no systematic method for confirming RTL functional scenarios as incremental features are added to the RTL code (early RTL development) and is usually done by “eyeballing” the RTL. Input stimulus and testbench are required to explore and verify design behavior, which may be unavailable in early design stages. X-propagation problems have resulted in many re-spins and are a constant challenge that plagues both designers and verification engineers.

The Jasper RTL Development solution solves these challenges by:

  • Accelerating designer-based verification without the need for a testbench
  • Allowing early RTL exploration without any input stimulus using Jasper’s powerful and disruptive Visualize technology
  • Facilitating design trade-off analysis, including incremental analysis and comparison among multiple versions of the RTL as its being developed
  • Detecting and debugging source of X’s in the design
  • Exhaustively checking if X’s can propagate to target signals and confirm that there are no missed bugs due to either X-optimism or X-pessimism as X’s are treated as either 0 or 1 reflecting actual silicon behavior


JasperGold RTL Development App

Jasper provides the JasperGold RTL Development App as part of our JasperGold Apps Architecture that can help you in your formal property verification efforts.  The JasperGold RTL Development App is just one of many apps designed to help you achieve your design and verification goals

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