“Our next generation product line uses extremely advanced technology to achieve 100Gbps throughput and rapidly establishing that these blocks function correctly will help speed our time to market and provide our customers with the functionality and performance they require. Jasper's Architecture Modeling App is helping us further improve our verification processes.”
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Bruce Fishbein
Vice President of NCD IC Engineering 

“We selected Jasper’s solutions because of the clear advantages their tools and products offer over other options. We quickly recognized the value and quality improvements that Jasper’s unique formal products can bring to our high-performance network products. Being able to visualize RTL early in the design cycle, even without a need for a testbench, was key to our decision.  The remarkably intuitive and easy-to-use interactive debugging capabilities that Jasper provides will allow us to speed up design exploration and thus reduce design errors and market timing risks.”
  Juniper Networks
Sanjeev Kumar
ASIC Senior Manager 
Juniper Networks                                                       

"The HP ProCurve ProVision ASIC Verification effort used JasperGold, a property checking tool from Jasper Design Automation. The deployment was a collabortive attempt to realize "targeted ROI" - that is where formal verification was projected to have the greatest value as a complement to simulation. As part of the verification effort, formal verification helped verify critical functionality and showed high ROI for such tasks as packet integrity analysis and flow control"

  Jasper Customer - HP
Jim Kasak

"JasperGold capabilities will assist in proving complex IP such as the ARM Cortex family of products, in reducing the burden of constrained random simulation, and in formalizing IP specifications for new IP."
  Jasper Customer - ARM
John Goodenough
Director of Design Technology

"ARM is applying Jasper technology to the design and verification of increasingly sophisticated IP, with a view to increased assurance levels, reduced verification effort, and lower risk and support costs."
  Jasper Customer - ARM
John Goodenough
Director of Design Technology

"NVIDIA has relied successfully on JasperGold for a number of years in our end-to-end full proof flow, where we have been able to guarantee correctness of some of our most complex designs. Based on these early successes, Jasper's superior customer support, and the unique scalability of the tool from property verification to full-proof, NVIDIA has deployed JasperGold for property verification of next generation GPU chips."
  Jasper Customer - NVIDIA CORPORATION
Dan Smith
Hardware Engineering

"JasperGold's user interactive Design Tunneling enables the tool to solve previously intractable block-level proofs by directing the engines to consider only the logic which is relevant to the problem."
  Jasper Customer - NVIDIA CORPORATION
Prosenjit Chatterjee
Manager, Formal Methods Group

"JasperGold found several really subtle, ugly bugs in our large switching network that would never have been found by simulation. With Jasper, I hit them in a couple of minutes. Jasper's support team was great."
  Jasper Customer - Azul Systems, Inc.
Senior Staff Engineer
Azul Systems, Inc.

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Broadcom Corporation Jasper Customer - Broadcom Corporation

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Verification Industry Luminaries Comment:
"With the world moving to highly-leveraged IP reuse-based design flows and platform-based design, systematic formal verification is becoming an imperative. Full formal verification of critical functionality, combined with coverage metrics for the rest of the design, is the best way to ensure correctness and enable more aggressive, competitive designs. Effective system-level verification depends on a high degree of confidence in block quality. Formal verification provides the highest level of confidence possible."

Brian Bailey

"Jasper is the only EDA company that is committed to making full formal IC verification a competitive advantage for its customers."

Professor Moshe Vardi

"Jasper's application of formal technology at the architecture level has enormous potential to alleviate the most troubling downstream design and verification challenges."

Professor Tom Melham

“Through a combination of excellent algorithmic research and a deep understanding of the problem domain, Jasper is delivering highly effective formal verification solutions.”

Professor Sharad Malik