JasperGoldĀ® Apps

 Solutions and Applications Are the Key

Design flows have become so complex that formal verification has grown beyond just proving properties. These design flows now require specialized verification solutions to address the specific needs that are faced by designers of complex SOC.  To get the most out of a formal solution, each application needs to be vertically integrated into a seamless solution that shares information for a unified experience.


JasperGoldĀ® Apps

JasperGold Apps are based on Jasper's JasperGold technology and are targeted solutions that address specific design and verification challenges.  JasperGold Apps features a common database that allows users to work seamlessly within and between different applications, where;

  • Work can be shared among applications and design teams though a common database
  • Parallel applications can be launched through a common interface
  • Interaction between applications is simplified


JasperGold Apps Screenshot


Different applications can be easily deployed within the JasperGold Apps environment.



Furthermore, the power of working with JasperGold Apps enables greater productivity gains when working within multiple application areas to enable:


  • Application deployment flexibility
  • Users to harness the power of a server farm
  • Multiple applications to run on the same block


JasperGold Apps includes formal technology applications for a vast array of design and verification issues such as formal property verification, x-propagation, connectivity, executable specification, behavioral property synthesis, structural property synthesis, RTL development, architectural modeling, and many more.


Flexible Architecture

The JasperGold Apps Architecture uses a unique technology delivery approach that gives customers flexible access to our JasperGold technology and affordable growth path via application-specific licensing for use across the full design flow or targeted applications.  As design complexity grows and more applications are addressed, JasperGold Apps offers an extensible architecture for future app development and deployment.

JasperGold Apps Architecture

JasperGold Apps Architecture provides a single GUI; a shared, common database; and extensibility for future apps.


Single GUI

The JasperGold Apps Architecture enables all Jasper tools to be used in one GUI. This allows users to work seamlessly within and between different applications with a consistent look and feel. Powerful features like Visualize can be used in one application to understand and capture design behavior and quickly leveraged in other applications. Access to many applications in a single GUI ensures the highest verification ROI with fast ramp up time for any application. 





Jasper Visualize can be leveraged thoughout multiple apps.