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Formal verification is an indispensible complement to traditional verification methods.  As designs become more and more complex, leveraging formal technologies to address difficult and previously intractable verification problems is helpful to reduce design and verification risks. Jasper's unique and powerful formal technologies leverages capacity, performance, usability and deployment to enable users throughout the design and verification flow including:

  • Stand-alone verification of architectural protocols
  • Designer sandbox testing for RTL development
  • End-to-end data packet integrity
  • SoC connectivity and integration verification
  • Detection of "X" propagation
  • Root-cause isolation and full proofs during post-silicon debug
  • Property synthesis and coverage closure
  • Control/Status register verification
  • Sequential equivalence checking
  • Low power verification
  • Security path verification

Jasper's formal verification is a valuable addition to traditional verification methods. For example, applying Jasper's formal techniques early in the design cycle to exhaustively verifying block-level design functionality can produce higher quality RTL delivered to unit and system level verification. Jasper's unique formal technologies and flows enable designer and verification engineers to augment existing flows. Effort applied to one application can be leveraged in others. When applied, Jasper formal technologies can enhance traditional design and verification flows to help reduce the risks associated with increasing SoC complexity.

JasperGold® Formal Technology

Jasper's JasperGold® formal technology platform delivers the industry's highest proof capacity, for seamless scalability from formal assertion-based verification (ABV) to exhaustive end-to-end proofs of micro-architecture-level properties. With its automated Formal Scoreboard™ and Proof Accelerators™, JasperGold technology can validate complex designs that include packet-based data transportation, FIFOs, memories, caches and multiple clock domains. JasperGold technology delivers superior formal verification performance enabled by powerful, patented advanced formal techniques and state-of-the-art core engines. The JasperGold context-sensitive proof visibility and interactive Design Tunneling™ features empower users to prove the correctness of critical design functionality.

Jasper's latest Behavioral Indexing™ technology delivers dramatic breakthroughs in design comprehension, driving higher RTL design quality and greater designer productivity. Jasper's Behavioral Indexing technology enables users to iteratively extract, index and store relevant design behaviors, along with the RTL, in a dynamic, executable database. This technology is optimized for complex yet flexible behavior-based analysis and automatic regressions, and works seamlessly with Jasper's formal verification technology platform, JasperGold®.

Portfolio of Products

Jasper provides engineers a portfolio of solutions to aid in their design and verification efforts.

JasperGold Apps™

JasperGold Apps are designed to offer targeted solutions that address specific design and verification challenges and provide a significant productivity boost through a shared common database and user interface.  The JasperGold Apps architecture allows multiple Apps to operate on the same design simultaneously.  Additionally, the JaseprGold Apps architecture supports wide scale parallelism and offers the users the flexibility to add more Apps capacity to their formal verification environment as needed.

Intelligent Proof Kits

Jasper Intelligent Proof Kits enable SoC design teams to accelerate verification by quickly and exhaustively certifying standard protocols and memory controllers.  The Proof Kits can be hooked up and configured in the early stages of the design, accelerating RTL development and debug with the JasperGold RTL Development App.  They can also be used seamlessly with the JasperGold® Formal Property Verification App to formally prove the embedded properties, thereby exhaustively verifying that the design meets the protocol specification. Intelligent Proof Kits eliminate the need to manually write properties, which require in-depth understanding of the protocol specification.

Training and Consulting

Jasper recognizes that successful EDA companies partner with their customers to solve problems, not just provide products. Jasper has a well-established tradition of providing excellent customer support, methodology consulting, training, turnkey proof kit development, and other services to ensure that our customers are successful in their verification projects and benefit from targeted ROI.

Targeted ROI

Jasper Design Automation delivers advanced formal verification technology for our customers' competitive advantage across the SoC design cycle. The trend toward "Targeted ROI" means that Jasper promotes specific applications contributing to the bottom line.

  • Reduce labor
  • Shorten schedule
  • Mitigate risk

As one engineering manager commented, "Eliminating top project risks with Jasper® ultimately shortens the schedule and reduces overall project costs."

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