Jasper User Group Meeting

Jasper User Group Meeting


The annual Jasper User Group Meeting is designed so that Jasper user and Jasper can share best practices in verification with one another.  

Why You Should Attend:

  • Gain useful insight for using Jasper formal solutions.
  • Hear verification case studies presentations from other users.
  • Speak to verification experts about your own experiences.

Who Should Attend:

Designers, verification engineers, and engineering managers interested in more efficient verification techniques and technologies.

View Jasper User Group Presentations from Past Years (Note: You must be a registered user to view these presentations)

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Jasper User Group 2013 Call-for-Presentations

Users are invited to submit proposals for case studies about using Jasper solutions in their designs. Proposal abstracts are due by September 21, and final presentations need to be submitted no later than October 18.  Click here for more information